Friday, August 10, 2012

Our First Day

We had a wonderful first day of school.  Our group of sixth graders are fantastic.  We had to take care of lots of paperwork and procedures the first day, and they really hung in there and got the job done!  Today we are taking our 2019 photos for our classroom display.  I am excited to see our students in their graduation cap!  We had one new student first thing in the morning - she was nervous, but the kids helped her feel okay.  We played Graffiti-Tag You're It on the white board to help us break the ice. Only our markers were allowed to talk, and wow, did they tell some kind of story together as a class. All I can say is stay away from unicorns and llamas!  We also played four truths and a lie.  I stumped them all with my lie that my dog's name is Jake (it's really Jack).  For some reason they did not believe that I was 41 years old, had a daughter who just got back from a trip to Alaska, or that I am a black belt in Kung Fu.  Hmmm....

Everyone have a great weekend, get lots of rest, and see you Monday!
Mrs. O

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