Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Life, Day 2 as a REAL Teacher:

I am in love with life presently. I know this is ridiculous, but I am giddy over my bookshelf, my white board, my partition, my trash can (thank you Mr. Frank) and my eight little chairs. I love my teacher's edition, my pen with a flower on the end, and most, most, most of all my NEW STUDENTS. I have 3 K's and 7 5th graders. I pulled them into groups for the first time today. I have a little file for each, all their scores, and my own stash of tiger bucks to pass out for good behavior. This is like playing school, but way more serious because I am responsible for helping these kids get back on track in reading. I LOVE THIS!!! I love all the teachers who have been so helpful and welcoming. This is a very nice way to ease into a full blown teaching career. I get to practice with small groups and make a REAL difference in their lives. I cannot seem to express how excited, grateful, and happy I am at this moment.

Best thing of all, all day yesterday and today, people keep asking me, "Who are you here for?" I keep answering, "me!" and I keep thinking "my kids!" I have NEVER subbed for myself before now - pretty funny. I think I will be all official come Monday as the recommendation has already been put in.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Today while visiting the Warren County Board of Education, I noticed a framed teaching certificate from the early 1900's. This teacher's average testing score was an 88 percent. She was tested in about seven subject areas. Her "arithmetic" score was 66 percent. Sixty-Six. She was certified to teach in the state of Kentucky.

That One Moment

My SOE arrived by mail a couple of days ago. I felt so relieved and anxious all at once. I know someday I will look back at this part of my teaching journey and laugh at myself, but I must admit the unknown future is frustrating. So many possibilities, so many potential leads, so many folks e-mailing and texting about the "slight" chance that something will open up. I'm ready to teach. Now.