Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pizza Box Organization

So last night, I had this huge explosion of creativity at 11:00 pm, while trying to fall asleep. This explosion involved pizza boxes. I decided that I would use pizza boxes in various ways in my classroom! I love the idea of storing everything necessary for teaching a particular unit in one compact box: books, games, activities, and resources. The box can easily be labeled on any and all sides and stacked neatly ANYWHERE I need to store things in my classroom.

Also, I am very excited about creating learning centers for my classroom that are quick and easy to pull out and use, and then put away and replace with new centers. The boxes could be decorated on the outside with laminated pictures, and laminated directions could be placed under the lid for the students. All necessary center items would be enclosed within the box! I am toying with the idea of creating one new learning center a week, so that I end up with over 50 organized centers at my fingertips.

Another idea I found to use the pizza box is to create a portfolio for each student. The boxes would hold work for the entire year, and could easily be pulled out for parent teacher conferences.

My favorite part about pizza boxes (besides their low cost) is that they come in three sizes and can be stored horizontally or vertically. Pizza boxes of course can also be converted into awesome student solar ovens and green houses for science. I want to be as organized as possible, so I can dedicate my best energy to my students.