Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Two Days

#1 Priority:  Find out how is everyone getting home 
those first two days!!
  • Fill out Facebook interest inventory.
  • Fill out learning style inventory.
  • Whole class instant write fictional story on the white board.
  • Watch the "Welcome to Sixth Grade" presentation.
  • Practice and learn classroom procedures.
  • One-word-to-describe-yourself speech bubbles to hang above desks.
  • Collect forms from students and mark off on spreadsheet.
  • Play four truths and a lie to introduce myself.
  • Begin work on the 7 Habits - Be Proactive Activity.
  • Post schedule in hall and create student data spreadsheet.
  • Put together data notebooks.
  • Decorate covers for take home folders.
  • Review and apply for leadership jobs.
  • Take Class of 2019 individual photos.
  • Classroom pet writing contest.
  • Create Parts of Speech foldable for notebook.
  • Finish finger print tree.
  • Begin Class Mission Statement

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